stacey armstrong.
Lush – Sweetness and Light (69 plays)


chelsea wolfe – house of metal (59 plays)

chelsea wolfe.


Pulp – I Want You (129 plays)


Mac DeMarco – Passing Out Pieces (109 plays)

what mum don’t know has taken its toll on me.


The Olivia Tremor Control – Holiday Surprise 1,2,3 (159 plays)


Jack Name – Pure Terror (209 plays)


SKINNY KIDS – All Gold (319 plays)

it’s easy to stay alone when you got that someone in mind.

The Silver Skeleton Band – Medicine (429 plays)
Blouse – A Feeling Like This (179 plays)


Nic – Darts (1,249 plays)
Gal Gracen – ∞ (290 plays)
The Silver Skeleton Band – Drag Queen (160 plays)
DEATHCATS!!! – I Wish It Was Summer (90 plays)

a little late none the less.

playgroundtacticsband:in order to celebrate our first show of 2013 this evening (friday 8th) for fun-a-day at roseangle arts cafe here is something of ours the hugs have been working on so you can listen to it over & over, all day long, psyching yourself up for the show.

the KVB – never enough (139 plays)

forgot about this song.

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